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Royal Nairobi Golf Club (RNGC) is a World Class private golf club with exceptional golf and social experience for all stakeholders.  RNGC admits various cadre of membership from juvenile, junior, to full memberships.  Its mission is to provide outstanding golf experience, with excellent recreational and social activities.  Members enjoy great dining experiences due to the well-developed and maintained facilities.

The future of golfing is the millennial. RNGC attracts and retains young and junior golfers through development of talents. It offers warm and friendly and irresistible experience to its members and visitors. Encompassing a family experience.


For one to be a Full member of the club the following are procedures to be followed through

a) The aspiring member/applicant must be introduced for membership by at least two club members who have been members of the club for a minimum of 3 years and are of good standing. One member can only propose 3 candidates in a calendar year.

b) The proposer collects the membership application forms on behalf of the interested applicant from the Membership office (GM’s Office) which must be filled by the proposer, the seconder and the applicant.

The membership application form can be downloaded from here.

Application Requirements

The duly filled and signed application forms are returned to the membership office with the following documentation;-

Two (2) passport photos for self, spouse and children

Detailed Curriculum Vitae of the applicant

Copy of National ID/ passport for self and spouse

Copy of marriage certificate/ or affidavit in support of marital status signed by both parties


c) Once the application form is complete and signed and payment has been made, a receipt is attached to the application.

d) Membership office verifies that all documents required have been received. The applicant is then invited for a vetting session with the membership and regulations committee.


RNGC vetting procedure is part of the membership application process stipulated in memorandum and articles of Association Clause 10.  Vetting sessions are held face to face.

The objective of the vetting session is for the committee to meet the candidate briefly before proceeding with the application process. The applicant attends the vetting with their proposer.

a) The membership office sends an invitation to the aspiring member inviting them for the vetting session at least 48 Hours in advance.

b) The dress code for vetting session is formal. Official dress for ladies, suit and tie for gentlemen.

Illustrations of the Dress Code.

c) Annotation of the member forms are done by the chair of the vetting committee with confirmation or comments. Any aspiring member whose application is rejected for any reason by the committee shall not unless with the consent of the board be proposed to seek any other class of membership of the club until 12 months have elapsed after the rejection.

d) Once vetted and approved, a member then takes the next steps which is collection of signatures.  A member is also issued with a temporary card allowing them to access the club facilities. However, a temporary card holder;-Is allowed to bring only nuclear family members to the club

  • Is not allowed bring in guests to the club
  • Is not allowed reciprocating facilities from other clubs.
  • Is not allowed to vote in a general meeting
  • Is not allowed a handicap from the club.
  • Is not allowed to participate in club golf competitions

The Signature Collection – The prospect Member is introduced to Seven (7) Directors and Six (6) Members by his Proposer.  This process enables him/her to interact and gather signatures and get to know the Club Members.

Notice Board: After acquiring 7 signatures from the Board of Directors and 6 from the Club Members, the Applicant’s form is put up on the notice board for a period of 30 days before balloting.  This enables Members to see the person who is coming into the club and should they have no adverse report after the 30 days elapses members will be eligible for the next step that is balloting.


a) Balloting is conducted as per the stipulations of the memorandum and articles of association Clause 15. All prospective members seeking full membership must go through balloting in order to become a member.

b) After the Thirty (30) days and in the absence of objection from any club member, the applicant will be invited for a Balloting session on a date to be communicated at least Seventy Two (72) hours in advance.

c) The session is hosted by the Board of directors and is an opportunity for the applicant to generalize with the clubs history, amenities and regulations.

d) The applicant is issued with a membership card and is officially a Club member. Also, the new member is provided with both soft and hard copies of the Memorandum and association of Association and The By-Laws.

Download Memorandum and Articles of Association and The Bye-laws below.

Conditions of Membership Application

  • Should the applicant be rejected, the payment will be reimbursed less Ksh. 40,000 application administrative fees.
  • The membership process must be completed within 3 months of application date.
  • The club may request further documentations to verify the application.