Royal Nairobi Golf Club is a prestigious private members’ golf club. RNGC is the only club in Kenya with the royal status and it reciprocates with all other Royal chartered clubs worldwide. RNGC was founded in 1906, and in 2006 it celebrated a century of golfing.
Royal Nairobi Golf Club invites applications from interested, eligible, capable firms for prequalification/ registration of suppliers various categories of items for the period 2021-2023 in the following categories:

RNGC/2021-2023/001Supply of general office stationery and general printing services
RNGC/2021-2023/002Supply and delivery of rubber stamps and company seals
RNGC/2021-2023/003Supply and delivery genuine ink toners and cartridges
RNGC/2021-2023/004Supply and delivery of branded promotional items e.g. Tshirts,mugs
RNGC/2021-2023/005Supply and delivery of staff ID cards accessories – branded lanyards, staff ID card holders, blank printable RFID cards, blank non-RFID printable cards
RNGC/2021-2023/006Supply and support of software development and Implementation
RNGC/2021-2023/007Supply and repair/service of computers, laptops, servers ups, printers, scanners, and consumables
RNGC/2021-2023/008Supply and delivery of electronic equipment (cameras,TVs,mobiles phones and wireless/wired lines)-Dealers only
RNGC/2021-2023/009Supply, installation and maintenance of access control devices, CCTV, biometric equipment and alarm systems
RNGC/2021-2023/010Supply, installation and maintenance of safes and time locks
RNGC/2021-2023/011Supply of hardware tools, electrical parts and plumbing equipment
RNGC/2021-2023/012Supply and delivery of assorted hotel linen
RNGC/2021-2023/013Supply and delivery of office furniture, fittings and office equipment
RNGC/2021-2023/014Supply and delivery of personal protective equipment and staff uniform
RNGC/2021-2023/015Supply of dry goods and household materials
RNGC/2021-2023/016Supply and delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables
RNGC/2021-2023/017Supply and delivery of wines,spirits,beers and mineral water
RNGC/2021-2023/018Supply of fresh products -fish, pork, poultry, seafood, beef and lamb
RNGC/2021-2023/019Supply and delivery of cigarettes and cigars
RNGC/2021-2023/020Supply and delivery of fresh dairy milk and dairy products
RNGC/2021-2023/021Supply and delivery of soft drinks (soda, fresh juice and Delmonte)
RNGC/2021-2023/022Supply and delivery of eucalyptus and menthol
RNGC/2021-2023/023Supply and delivery of charcoal
RNGC/2021-2023/024Supply and delivery of bulky cylinder gas,fuel,oil and lubricants (legally authorized Dealers only)
RNGC/2021-2023/025Supply of cleaning materials, detergents and disinfectant
RNGC/2021-2023/026Supply and delivery of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and gel sanitizers
RNGC/2021-2023/027Supply and delivery of asset tagging bar codes and provision of tagging services
RNGC/2021-2023/028Supply and maintenance of power inverters, AVR/AVS and UPS
RNGC/2021-2023/029Supply and delivery of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and Implements
RNGC/2021-2023/030Supply of construction materials – sand,ballast,hard-core,building stones and timber
RNGC/2021-2023/031Supply, installation and maintenance of generators, spare parts & accessories
RNGC/2021-2023/032Supply, installation and repair of gym/spa/sauna equipment
RNGC/2021-2023/033Supply and repair of motor vehicles, spares, tyres, tubes and general consumables, maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MROs)
RNGC/2021-2023/034Provision of branded signage and signage maintenance services (bill boards, directional boards and internal office branding)
RNGC/2021-2023/035Provisions of design, artwork, engraving, printing of promotional and advertising materials and news papers
RNGC/2021-2023/036Provision of car wash services (space to be provided)
RNGC/2021-2023/037Provision of car, taxi and bus hire services
RNGC/2021-2023/038Provision of travel and air ticketing service -IATA registered
RNGC/2021-2023/039Provision of courier services
RNGC/2021-2023/040Provision of Insurance Services(Underwriters) – (IRA)registered
RNGC/2021-2023/041Provision of landscaping and flower gardening services
RNGC/2021-2023/042Provision of fresh cut flowers and indoor plants
RNGC/2021-2023/043Provision of pest control and fumigation services
RNGC/2021-2023/044Provision of internet services
RNGC/2021-2023/045Provision of cleaning and sanitary services
RNGC/2021-2023/046Provision of garbage collection and exhauster services
RNGC/2021-2023/047Provision of laundry services
RNGC/2021-2023/048Provision of decoration services-interior designer for sports bar, pool bar and main bar
RNGC/2021-2023/049Provision of photography, video graphics, public address services
RNGC/2021-2023/050Provision of Event Management services
RNGC/2021-2023/051Provision of website design and maintenance services
RNGC/2021-2023/052Provision of network infrastructure, data communication and structured cabling services
RNGC/2021-2023/053Provision and maintenance of cold rooms/fridges conditioning units
RNGC/2021-2023/054Provision and maintenance of firefighting equipment
RNGC/2021-2023/055Provision and maintenance of swimming pool, equipment and accessories
RNGC/2021-2023/056Provision bulk SMS services
RNGC/2021-2023/057Provision of debt collection services
RNGC/2021-2023/058Provision of external audit services (ICPAK registered)
RNGC/2021-2023/059Provision of human resource and management consultancy
RNGC/2021-2023/060Provision of occupational safety and health advisory services (ambulance emergency services)
RNGC/2021-2023/061Provision of team building facilitation services
RNGC/2021-2023/062Provision of security services
RNGC/2021-2023/063Provision of Quantity Surveyors services
RNGC/2021-2023/064Provision of general building and construction services (NCA registered firms)
RNGC/2021-2023/065Provision of General repair works for buildings including painting
RNGC/2021-2023/066Provision of hydrogeological survey services
RNGC/2021-2023/067Provision of solar water heating maintenance services
RNGC/2021-2023/068Provision of borehole drilling and maintenance services
RNGC/2021-2023/069Provision and maintenance of pumps and irrigation equipment
RNGC/2021-2023/070Provision of calibration and standardization services

The prequalification  will be completed  online via our online  supplier  qualification  system. Interested suppliers  may participate in the prequalification process by visiting https://rngc.mtendersafrica.com/mtenders

The list of prequalification categories and more information will be available on this link.

Access to the prequalification  will be granted  upon payment  of a non-refundable fee  of KES. 2,000 per category. All payments will be made via our online payment platform during the bidding process.

The deadline for participation in the prequalification exercise is 13th April 2021 at 1700hrs EAT.

Where required,  all requisite  documentation must  be scanned  and  uploaded  onto  the  online portal.  Paper/hardcopy applications will not be accepted.

Current suppliers and service providers are required to participate in order to be considered. All applicants who duly complete the  online prequalification  process  will be notified on the  outcome  of their applications  after completion  of the  vetting process.

Royal Nairobi Golf Club reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications to the prequalification either in whole or in part.